Bringing The Future to the Next Generation

We use part of the profits from working to deliver your sales and marketing projects to help orphans and children in care in poorer countries build a brighter future by directly supplying them with computers and educational materials via our DeliverAid team. Since 2013, our team have directly delivered aid to thousands of disadvantaged children in places like Western Sahara, Morocco, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, and the Philippines.

This is a mission close to our hearts.

We have a saying in the DeliverAid team that it’s the job of each new generation to do a better job than the previous one, and it’s the job of the previous generation to help the next one do exactly that.

We deliver education kit and low-cost computers like the Raspberry Pi.

This small device is the size of a credit card, and can be plugged into almost any TV or monitor. It runs very much like Windows and has a large amount of software on it for kids to learn with all the way up to Office. They can learn to make music, and also learn programming. It can be translated in pretty much any language.

Can you help us help them?

Our DeliverAid destinations are places with children from 7- 8 upwards who would be interested in having a computer and someone to give them training on how to use it. (We also bring pens and toys.)  We’ve run sessions via Google Translate in places like Lithuania, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria – and directly in French in places like Morocco and Western Sahara – but if there is someone on hand to help translate, that’s always a plus.

If you have connections with places that care for disadvantaged children in poor countries, and you’d be willing to arrange an introduction, then please contact our CEO directly at

In loving and honourable memory of team member and DeliverAid co-founder Vicki Yates (1980 – 2019).